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ENERGY STAR Higher Education Benchmarking Initiative

ENERGY STAR is launching a new campaign for higher education: ENERGY STAR Higher Education Benchmarking Initiative. The campaign seeks to provide a new way for colleges and universities to understand how their campus building energy performance stacks up against that of peer institutions, based on key institutional characteristics. The hope is that this information will spark dialogue and action on energy efficiency.

Join this session to learn more about the opportunity and how your institution can participate.

For the first round of analysis, EPA will publish a request for 2019 energy use and building floor area data. Participants will submit that information to EPA through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® during July and August and complete a brief supplemental questionnaire to provide data for the key institutional characteristics mentioned above. In late 2020, after EPA has analyzed the data, institutions will receive a scorecard that shows the overall results and how their performance compares to peer institutions. The level of effort to participate should be modest, including for institutions new to Portfolio Manager. Participant data will be kept anonymous.

• Brendan Hall, Higher Education Lead, ENERGY STAR Commercial & Industrial Branch

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