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Energy Storage (Live Online Course)

Dates: 12 – 15 December 2022

Energy storage differs from other energy technologies in the breadth and complexity of its addressable market and revenue opportunities. While naturally focusing on battery storage, we also cover the variety of competing storage technologies and describe the wide variety of problems energy storage seeks to solve, at a wide range of deployment sizes and timescales, including key issues around practical project delivery.

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of why and where storage markets are growing, what could limit this growth and what the future trends will be. So, if you are thinking of investing in or developing an energy storage business case, this course provides your essential grounding in the core issues.

Course Sessions
1. Battery Storage
2. Utility-scale applications for power system optimisation
3. Decentralization (energy storage at the network edge)
4. Long-duration and alternative storage solutions

Benefits of Attending
● Gain a clear understanding of energy storage market opportunities & deployment considerations
● A core focus on batteries, including clear explanations of the technologies and performance considerations (in language accessible to non-technical people)
● Discuss the key project delivery issues for battery storage projects
● Review up-to-date examples from around the world and the lessons from them
● Understand the competitive playing field and the economic variables that impact energy storage business cases
● Stay ahead of trends and emerging solutions, including growth opportunities for longer-duration storage solutions

“You provide an excellent course. I will without a doubt recommend it to anyone interested in the interplay between energy storage systems, electricity networks and energy markets, policies, procurement and regulations. Trainer’s knowledge and group interaction makes the course not only highly informative, but also engaging and fun as we learn how to successfully transition to more environmentally sustainable energy systems.”
– Department of Energy

“The course has given me a broader perspective and understanding of energy storage which equips me better in managing projects for development.”
– SN Aboitiz Power

“Very well-organised class with excellent trainers. Impressive!”
– Bangkok Cogeneration Co.

“The course has been informative, very practical and covers a wide range of energy storage technology. It is a good introduction to ESS.”
– Tuas Power Generation

Live Online Course – How It Works
The structure of our virtual learning program is designed to keep the same levels of engagement and networking as our on-site public courses. Course content is delivered through our easy-to-use online learning platform and is supplemented by case studies and practical exercises.

Like our classroom-based public courses, you will have live interaction with our course facilitators and other participants. Our live online courses are led by our experienced instructors, who will provide you with easily digestible content, using knowledge learned from many years in the industry, during scheduled times. Delegates will receive copies of the course materials electronically.

This course is scheduled to take place over 4 live online sessions using virtual learning technology.

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Emilia Mok | Email: emilia[at] | Tel: +65 6325 0210

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