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APPA Webinar: Facility Condition Assessments Using Cx / Energy / TAB Strategies Webinar

As the existing building stock of educational facilities continues to age, owners and managers are tasked with evaluating, prioritizing, and budgeting for physical and system upgrades. Facility condition assessments need to be comprehensive and methodical; assessing physical condition, life expectancy, current performance, O&M history and projected costs for upgrade or replacement.

Learning Objectives:

  • The approach and key components in developing facilities’ condition assessments associated with buildings’ mechanical / electrical systems.
  • Integrating facility assessments and associated budgeting with owners’ strategic energy, sustainability and resiliency goals.
  • Creating priorities for project implementation based upon weighted factors from the assessments and goals.
    Measurement and verification strategies in assessing the effectiveness of projects, with respect to improvement in the building stock and advancement of various energy and sustainability goals.

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