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Higher Education Smart Campus Summit

Invitation to join APPA President Don Guckert and university technology leaders at the Higher Education Summit – Realcomm/IBcon

Join APPA President Don Guckert (University of Iowa), APPA VP for Professional Affairs Dan Bollman (Michigan State University), APPA EVP Lander Medlin, and other industry leaders who will share their vision for the university campus of the future. This event is part of a larger conference that covers all aspects of cybersecurity and campus business/operations technology.

Sessions include:

* Smart, Connected, High-Performance Campuses – Creating a Unified Strategy

* Building a Smart Campus Team – Leveraging Internal and External Resources

* Moving Toward a Smart Campus – Identifying Business Benefits & Costs

* Warehouses, Lakes, and Beyond – What is the Right Smart Campus Data Strategy?

* And much more.

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