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How Monitoring-Based Commissioning Changes the Cx Business Model

In the context of deploying automated fault detection on a university campus to deliver Monitoring-Based Commissioning services, this presentation discusses how MBCx changes the model for Cx service providers.

Learning Objectives: (1) What are the key differences between Cx, RCx and MBCx; (2) How does MBCx change the way service is delivered to clients, compared to Cx and /or RCx; (3) How do expectations from owners and operators change with MBCx compared to Cx and RCx; (4) What new skills are required for Cx professionals to deliver great value through MBCx, as opposed to Cx or RCx.

This event is part of the ACG Essential Cx Webinar Series, and will be presented by Darren Draper, PE, CxA from Epsten Group.

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