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How Proactive Cybersecurity Measures Can Save Institutions Millions

A 2020 report found that between 2005 and 2020, K–12 school districts and colleges/universities experienced data breaches that affected more than 24.5 million records. Not only that, higher education institutions are now frequently targeted by ransomware and malware attacks, resulting in millions of dollars in payments and increased stress and burnout on already constrained security staffs.

In this interactive discussion, experts and practitioners from Charleston Southern University and Arctic Wolf will share their experiences developing, refining, and hardening the institution’s cybersecurity posture in the ever-evolving higher education landscape. The presenters will also address how to identify the right tools, team structure, and partners to align your security approach to your institution’s immediate needs and long-term goals.


  • Hear how the pandemic has shifted the prioritization of goals and requirements of institutions
  • Understand the changing stakes of cyber attacks as student data and intellectual property become attractive targets for malicious actors
  • Learn what institutions can do to protect themselves in light of a shifting threat landscape

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