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Building for People and Performance. Achieving Operational Excellence

With construction projects either shutting down, working with restricted staff levels, or expecting to do so soon, many organizations are working quickly to adopt new solutions that enable their business to continue and to keep their workers employed without putting them at risk.

To weather the current storm and enable them to prepare for the future, organizations are beginning to roll out processes they can adapt and use in their business long-term. The key is to develop a set of habits that will make the next interruption less disruptive. In this expert-led session, learn about what you can do now to empower your construction during today’s crisis and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

perational performance is an important process in the management of a building. Buildings often fall short on operating to the expectations of the building designers and operators. This is because designers are not always focused on operability during the design process and operators frequently do not possess the proper to skills to adequately operate the technology incorporated into today’s buildings. ASHRAE and its members must take an active role in the ongoing training, engagement and action toward reducing the gap between design, construction and operations. This presentation will explore what ASHRAE is doing to achieve effective operational performance and operator experience, that is good for buildings, good for those who live and work within those building and good for the planet.

Learning Objectives:
1. Why is operational performance important
2. What is the current state of building operations
3. What can ASHRAE do to support effective building operations
4. What can building owner/operators do to improve the operation of buildings

Presenter: Darryl K. Boyce, P. Eng., 2019-20 ASHRAE President

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