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Indoor Air Quality in the COVID Era: Commissioning & Construction Considerations

In response to COVID-19 building owners, managers, and tenants are rapidly planning how to adapt their current buildings to safeguard against future disruptions to occupancy. A critical part of the conversation needs to be indoor air quality (IAQ) and reducing transmissions through the air. We as an industry will need to step up our diligence to deliver and operate buildings in a much tighter IAQ paradigm in the future buildings can be judged on whether they mitigated transmission or not.

IAQ in commissioning and construction – is it working? How does your new functional test look for virus migration, and should we even have one if asked? We know there will be a functional performance test (FPT) for extra outside air, adding in UV-C or static pressure readings on the filter changes. But how does an FPT look to use these all in concert?

This event is part of the ACG Essential Cx Webinar Series, and presented by Raj Setty, PE, CxA, LEED of Setty, and Michael Wolf, Pe, CxA, LEED AP of Farnsworth Group, Inc.

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