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Practical Aspects of Hyperscale Data Center Commissioning

Covid-19 has added momentum to the already expanding need for data centers as more work is performed remotely.
To meet the construction demands, with accelerated timelines, the commissioning industry is naturally challenged.
Peripheral to the staffing/mobilization concerns, traditional Cx program challenges are compounded by new customer requirements associated with Covid-19 concerns.
This presentation will first outline the typical Data Center customer and the “text-book” approach. From there, the practical realities will be discussed.

Some of those are:
Strategies/methods to commission remotely.
New customer operational needs, e.g. those that relate to minimal onsite operators due to not just Covid, but with contemporary staffing challenges.
New quality control challenges associated with leaning out of construction resources.

Learning Objectives:
Understand the mission critical aspects of data center market.
Relate textbook commissioning to practical data center commissioning programming.
Related construction quality concerns to the overall commissioning deliverable
Understand the specialized programming, the special touch, that is required for success in hyperscale data center commissioning

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