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Pressure Independent Valve Technology: Performance & Testing Considerations

Pressure independent valves are commonly used in the HVAC industry to control chilled and hot water for air‐conditioning and heating. PI Valves supply a specific flow for each value of the DDC control signal regardless of pressure variations in the system. In this presentation, we will discuss valve characteristics and how they relate to hydronic coil performance, valve sizing and valve authority, and how these elements affect the equipment’s operation in the central energy plant. To conclude, a review of the different types of pressure independent valves and valve technologies.

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

1. Define and describe the function of Pressure Independent Valves.

2. Identify the piping and pressure implications of Pressure Independent Valves.

3. Describe the operating sequence of a Mechanical Pressure Independent Valve.

4. Describe the operating sequence of an Electronic Pressure Independent Valve.

5. Explain the steps to commission a Pressure Independent Valve.

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