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Reframing Faculty Affairs: How Provosts & Deans are Rebuilding Higher Education

Join us for this presentation if you have been missioned to meet employee demographic objectives and to minimize the Great Resignation’s impact on your team and institution. We will dive into the pressing faculty affairs issues administrators are now tackling to rebuild higher education after two harrowing years.

In this webcast, Inside Higher Ed Editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman will cover how higher ed institutions are responding — with tenure changes, salary updates and other measures.

Finally, we will explore the following key questions:

• How are higher ed leaders examining their employment practices to find a path forward?
• In what ways has the employee and management relationship changed in higher ed during the pandemic?
• What employment practices are being abandoned and which are evolving?
• How are higher ed institutions strengthening and enhancing their faculty and staff career pathways?

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