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APPA Webinar: Shared Service Centers: Efficient Space Utilization that Reflects Institutional Priorities

Shared Services Centers represent an operational efficiency and space management opportunity, both for the center itself and the offices it represents that are no longer customer facing. Many institutions are considering the ways in which they can operate more efficiently post-pandemic. Space utilization and streamlining of administrative services are top of mind for campus leadership.
Learning Outcomes:
• How to effectively assess the nature and quality of activity that remains in the ‘back office’ and how this translates into space requirements and configurations.
• How to reflect new organizational priorities in the Shared Services Center through the more efficient use of space dedicated to this function.
• How to set expectations and continuously improve on the ‘new normal’ once the Shared Service Center is up and operational.
• How to manage the change effectively to best position the units for success

Melissa Shuter, Executive Director of Operations Support Services at the University of Louisville
Lee Smith, Managing Director with Huron Consulting Group

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