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Succeed When You Leave: Strategies for Ensuring Persistence of Savings on Energy Projects

Presented by Paul Raschilla, EMP, Acceptance Engineering, this webinar provides essential information for energy managers, retro-commissioning personnel and facilities managers, covering topics such as producing an M&V plan, training O&M staff, ongoing Cx, and developing serviceable documentation. Learning objectives include:

• Recognize the industry accepted standards and guidelines for M&V, including the International Performance Measurements and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and ASHRAE Guideline 14-2014. Understand how adjustments and changes made during this time may not solve root problems, which may impact persistence.
• Understand the multi-step process for M&V, including the various approaches (options) establishing implemented measures’ baseline performance and activities to verify projected improvement(s).
• See how advancement and expansion in power monitoring, sub-metering, and data analytics has advanced the availability and accuracy of M&V procedures
• Understand the enduring value created by training O&M staff, ongoing Cx, implementing CMMS/FDD programs, and developing serviceable documentation.

CxEnergy Virtual sessions are all approved for AIA Learning Units (LUs). Sign-up today and ensure your energy efficiency projects continue to provide benefits tomorrow and beyond! Register at

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