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Webinar: System Performance Monitoring for Optimization of Building Automation System

We spend nearly 90% of our daily lives in buildings. Shouldn’t they be space, energy and asset efficient, provide comfort and safety as well be resilient against unexpected challenges? With buildings generating massive amounts of data, how can we leverage the computing power of the cloud and machine learning to look at buildings in a whole new light. This webinar will review various challenges that plague facilities organizations and how to overcome them with smart building intelligence.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How facilities departments can become resilient with nearly half of facilities staff to retire over the next few years coupled with shortage in skilled labor force?
  2. How their organizations can leverage technology to address rising costs of infrastructure maintenance and shrinking budgets?
  3. How predictive and perspective maintenance will become the new norm in facilities management and why organizations should embrace it sooner than later?
  4. With energy and asset efficiency the defacto expectations for smart buildings, how occupant engagement is driving the next smart building revolution and how to be better prepared?

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