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APPA Webinar: Tackling the Trends of the 2022 State of Facilities in Higher Education

For the past few years, schools have adapted quickly to new circumstances and disruptive change. But while the pandemic has undoubtedly prompted fundamental shifts in higher education and the facilities charged with meeting evolving expectations, long-standing vulnerabilities loom over campuses from coast to coast. Facilities stewards face a moment in time when volatility can create opportunity and long-term planning is harder and more exciting than it has ever been. This year’s State of Facilities report seeks to dissect the emerging and familiar trends underlying these opportunities and propose distinct actions that will empower decisive planning.
Join this interactive and thought-provoking session as a panel of your peers tackle the implications of the latest campus trends, challenge existing assumptions for the future of higher ed facilities and explore the data that can help shape that future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how long-term space, enrollment and capital investment patterns are being exacerbated during the pandemic.
  2. Explore the effects of those patterns on facilities personnel.
  3. Consider ways to react responsibly and effectively to the current circumstances on campus.

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