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Technology Engineering Cx (TECx): Why this is a necessity

Randy Gruberman, PE, RCDD, CxA, Fitzemeyer & Tocci, Associates, Inc.
Kagan Longval, BECxP CxABE, Fitzemeyer & Tocci, Associates, Inc.

Building Technology systems are not only networks and WiFi, they also include life safety and security. Your building owners are often getting involved with the design/delivery of Technology systems and construction processes for the first time, and general contractors often do not have qualified staff to handle complex systems oversight and commissioning. Technology Cx providers can help guide the systems to successful completion and desired maintainable outcomes. Operations of technology systems can include the security for all of a building’s occupants. Technology commissioning is essential to reduce schedule slips, change orders, and operating costs and to free up owner staff to concentrate on the mission along with the maintenance.

Learning Objectives:
Discuss technology commissioning as a design and construction service.
Show that properly designed and installed systems can save energy and operating budgets.
Discuss resources (people and tools) and the lack thereof in our industry.
Join in discussion with the audience about technology commissioning.

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