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Using Data Insights to Drive Healthy & Productive Buildings

The impact of occupant health based on indoor air quality (IAQ) can significantly affect a building’s ability to reopen and stay open in the future. Solving these challenges requires a new way of thinking in facility management. State-of-the-art digital building technologies make sense of data stored in devices and systems, reducing data complexity, and automating data handling to deliver real-time building intelligence for smarter, more responsive building decisions that keep occupant health top of mind.

During this educational webinar we will discuss key strategies to identify:
• What critical data do you measure to manage a healthy building?
• What devices are used to deliver real-time data?
• What Building Automation is best for critical data monitoring?

What You’ll Learn:
• Strategies to reduce risk and create resilience for your building occupants and building owners through building automation technology.
• Which indoor environmental measurements to monitor, such as IAQ, CO2 levels, occupant density and more.
• Which connected devices deliver critical real-time data to improve indoor environments.
• Key take-aways to fix problems impacting indoor environment and occupant experience.
• Live software demo of dashboards and floorplans to show how an open BAS system simplifies visualization of critical building data to protect and inform building occupants with insights for building stakeholders.
• How to make critical HVAC data visible for building operators from anytime, anywhere with remote access.
• Easy-to-use building KPI dashboards and reports keep you informed of “live” occupant comfort, maintenance issues, operational efficiency, and allow faster response times.
• Real-world use cases in K-12 schools, and commercial buildings.

Expert Panel Speakers:
Jamie Lee, Global Product Manager Desigo Optic Software, Siemens: With over 13 years of experience in building automation, Jamie has played a major role in the integration of multiple open and proprietary systems for the commercial, higher education, and federal markets.

Bob Byrom, Product Manager for Sensors, Siemens: With 30+ years in the HVAC industry, Bob has expertise in providing reliable, cost effective solutions that strike the optimum balance between occupant comfort, energy efficiency and low operating costs.

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