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APPA Webinar: Water Safety Risk Assessment for Construction:  developing and implementing a tool for academic campus organizations

This session will describe how to develop a water safety risk assessment tool addressing consistent practices for maintenance, repair, construction, and commissioning activities. Addressing water safety issues throughout the construction and commissioning process can mitigate long term challenges for asset management and safety of exposure from waterborne pathogens or water chemistry issues emerging from building water distribution systems.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the design and construction risk factors for the growth and spread of waterborne pathogens in buildings water systems.
  2. Demonstrate how to create water safety risk assessment for maintenance, repair, and infrastructure activities associated with construction and commissioning events.
  3. Understand how to define, develop, and implement 1) water construction project types, 2) risk groups by academic campus function/location, and 3) class of precautions (mitigation measures or hazard control) for consistent implementation.
  4. Discuss impacts to owner and contractor project schedule and budgets.

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