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Webinar: Bending Towards Justice: Evolving Sustainability Education at Prescott College

The PhD in Sustainability Education at Prescott College, the first of its kind in North America, attracts a transdisciplinary cadre of students/scholars/activists committed to social and environmental justice as enacted in curriculum and pedagogy, communication, and leadership. We, the Prescott College PhD Core Faculty, convened around the following question: What can we learn about the evolution of the field of Sustainability Education through a discursive analysis of our students’ dissertations since the program’s inception in 2005? Through inductive analysis and reflexive member checking, we identified the following concepts as organizing principles: learning, leading, expressing, doing, and being. The findings have implications for practice, both as we reflexively better understand the collective nature of the students’ scholarship, and consider directions for curriculum and scholarship development to innovate in the field of Sustainability Education with an unrelenting commitment to justice as the focal point. This is an expression of a reflexive praxis that program faculty can do to inform future directions. We will conclude by posing the question to the attendees: What reflexive practices might you engage in to be more intentional and responsive in your teaching and leadership platforms in the Sustainability field?

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