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Webinar: Building a Circular Campus: Scope 3 Emissions, Community Resilience & Justice

As Barnard College defines a pathway to net zero emissions, we are paying particular attention to our Scope 3 emissions and using the principles of circularity to address them. Measuring and reporting Scope 3 emissions is notoriously difficult, but they represent 57% of Barnard’s total footprint, and the behaviors associated with Scope 3 touch every aspect of the daily lives of our community. Join us as we discuss Barnard’s innovative and aggressive approach: panelists will discuss strategies for tracking, measuring, and reducing Scope 3 emissions, including Barnard’s circular frameworks: Circular Campus, designed to reduce waste, emissions, and costs while supporting student access and affordability and Circular Community, extending our Circular Campus to build a more regenerative and resilient community outside our gates. Panelists will situate this approach in the context of Barnard’s overall pathway to net zero. A key topic of this discussion will be how Barnard’s emphasis on circular and regenerative principles aligns with and supports our commitment to social and environmental justice.

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