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Webinar: Cooking with Purpose – Empowering Food-Insecure College Students to “Take Back Cooking” for Climate Mitigation, Nutrition & Budget Benefits!

Food pantries on college campuses have a wide variety of food choices with a wide variety of cost, nutritional, and greenhouse gas impacts. In an effort to encourage food-insecure students on Appalachian State University’s campus to have a greater familiarity and comfort cooking the most inexpensive food options that are less processed (and have less embodied energy and emitted greenhouse gases) and more nutritional, a collaboration of faculty, staff and the office of sustainability on our campus developed “Cooking with Purpose” semester-long zoom cooking series. During our first semester, 20 students enrolled in this voluntary 5-part cooking class to build community and be exposed to new and sustainable cooking strategies. Join this presentation to learn more about this initiative and brainstorm additional ways that food insecurity can be tackled on campuses.

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