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WEBINAR: Empowering Discovery Through Design: The Latest Research

What makes a laboratory great? How is it that a lab can get a nickname like, “the Invention Factory?” Or consistently be among the top grant-funded? The answer lies in productivity. Whether the lab is for research, testing, or teaching, operating at optimal potential is the goal of any lab. The presentation will start with a brief history of laboratory design, followed by a discussion of productivity metrics which are translatable to various laboratory types. Then the latest research will be presented to take the mystery of out of how design features and strategies can maximize productivity. Recent laboratory spaces will highlight how the strategies were executed, as well as how these same strategies promote sustainability, safety, and job satisfaction. Finally, a bibliography of the research will be made available so attendees as real-world ROI for defending these transforming design features.

Learning Objectives:
1. Attendees will be given real-world ROI for defending important design decisions.
2. Attendees will appreciate the importance of designing for human and automated productivity.
3. Attendees will understand how lab productivity is measured.
4. Attendees will gain an appreciation of the history of lab design

David Miller, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP – National Discovery Market Leader, BSA LifeStructures

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