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Webinar: How to Design a Smart, Connected Campus with STEM to Business Ecosystem Model

While colleges must lead by example in design and operation of sustainable campus infrastructure, we must also engage students, faculty, staff, and the visiting public with impactful experiences of our commitments in action. With three use studies at SUNY Corning, RPI, and Rowan University, this panel will share how academic with industry partnerships can transform campus life both in increasing employability and making the campus smart and connected and more adept at 21st Century skills. Collaboration areas include a connected curriculum around automation, mechatronics and machine learning and leveraging the building themselves as a learning tool and living lab.

We believe a partnership is required to develop this framework is a great opportunity because academe brings a strong education and employment presence and research plays a major role in shaping the local economy and the public anticipation of a hopeful future. Siemens brings urban infrastructure, digitalization and IoT expertise to improve quality of life and user experiences for both city infrastructure and the built environment through a deep portfolio of IoT connectivity, mobility, electrification and automation. In addition, we are driven by our core “Business to Society” ethos with a strong alignment to the mission of our education and industry partners: to develop the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and doers who can strengthen and advance the local economy through innovation. We come to the table armed with economic models, case studies, recent start-ups, best practices, and cautionary examples.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Integrative research models with academe, school districts, and industry to address modernization of public assets with public private partnership models for improved economic and user experience outcomes at campuses and communities
  2. Develop a framework that could address the poverty challenges and improve socioeconomic gains for community
  3. How to develop community stakeholder alignment
  4. Utilization of the campus

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