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Webinar: Integrating Sustainability Plans & Capital Campaigns

Taking sustainability to the next level, for many higher education institutions, requires a strategic, long-range, and comprehensive sustainability plan. The process by which you develop content, engage the campus community and create buy-in with key decision-makers around a sustainability plan determines a plan’s future implementation success. Yet, in many cases, these plans are not aligned with funding strategies to achieve high-impact goals. Representatives from a cross-collaborative team at Georgia Tech recently completed a multi-pronged sustainability planning process to develop an institutional sustainability plan that defines a sustainability leadership vision across the research, education, operations and economic development missions. This session will describe the process, deliverables, partnerships, and outcomes of the Institute Sustainability Plan including the components of a Climate and Sustainability Strategy that informs and aligns to the 10-year capital campaign for the institute to ensure effective resourcing of the Institute Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan objectives. The learning outcomes for this interactive session include: how to convene an engaged planning team and assess programmatic strengths pre-planning; how to identify and best engage key decision-makers; and how to make a plan live and achieve implementation success by connecting it to development campaign strategy.

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