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Webinar: Is the Word “Net” Compromising True De-Carbonization?

Colleges and universities are relying upon “carbon accounting” that needs to be improved in order to meet our cardinal principle of evidence-based physical measurement. The physics of the grid—unless behind the meter—prevent tracking the physical delivery of an electron. New access to data and a logical evolution of the market may soon enable updating current guidelines to ensure measurement of our GHG impact on a more granular, precision basis. These new sources of information—including granular production data—will support an evolution in the way institutions make energy and energy content claims. This will inspire greater confidence in claims that consumed energy and carbon content of “fossil-free,” “carbon-free,” “zero-carbon,” or “green” are accurate. This session will explore emerging solutions that will enable environmentally responsible AASHE institutions to ensure our supporters, stakeholders, and public that our measurements of GHG emissions are evidence-based at a level comparable to our research standards.

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