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Webinar: Pregnant and Parenting Students Belonging and Thriving Framework

College success for pregnant and parenting students has important implications for racial, ethnic, and economic equity in higher education. Among students of color, one in three black students, one in three Native American students, and one in five Latinx students are parents. There is not a more opportune time as the visibility of care work has been propelled to the foreground during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pregnant and Parenting Students Belonging and Thriving Framework aims to ensure that students enrolled in higher educational institutions are healthy places where student parents and their children belong and thrive. This framework aims to address root issues of the disparate and fragmented range of current practices and policies that have been inadequate in serving this unseen and often invisibilized student population. Rather than starting at the organizational spaces of higher ed itself — this framework embraces the wholeness and complexity of student parent life, moving away from the traditional bifurcated academic vs. student affairs approach that is predominant in higher ed spaces. This webinar will discuss how this tool, organized around five sustainable foci (i.e., community building, healing, self-determination, mutual power, and shared access to opportunities) can be useful in transforming the educational and life experiences for pregnant and parenting students who have been historically and systematically marginalized in higher educational spaces.

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