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Webinar: Recommissioning Water Systems for Dormant Facilities and Infrastructure

You’re invited to attend a free, informational webinar presented by Phigenics and sponsored by APPA.

Dr. Molly Scanlon, Phigenics Director of Standards, Compliance & Research
Michael Doyle, P.E., LEED AP, Phigenics Vice President of Operations

Scientific evidence has shown that opening facilities without proper water management commissioning services has led to waterborne disease cases and deaths. According to the CDC, when water does not flow well within building water distribution systems, the resulting areas of stagnation encourage biofilm growth, reduce water temperatures to levels that allow Legionella to grow, and reduce levels of disinfectant. Water systems, fixtures, and devices in facilities that have been closed for extended periods must go through a recommissioning process prior to being returned to normal operating status. The risk characterization of a facility will determine the level of flushing, disinfection, and validation testing required. This webinar will cover the industry guidance available for recommissioning dormant buildings and identify the steps which must be considered to open buildings safely after a period of low or no occupancy.

Learning Objectives – learners will be able to:
1. Describe the industry guidance associated with reopening and recommissioning building water systems and infrastructure safely.
2. Explain water management control options and strategies during low or no occupancy situations. These options and strategies apply to COVID-19 shutdowns as well as Winter or Summer Break periods.
3. Define water management verification and validation steps within the context of the 7-step water management process as defined by the CDC and ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188.
4. Describe validation testing and strategies for enhanced administrative decision making to return buildings and campus infrastructure to normal operations using timely and cost-effective methods.

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