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Webinar: Running Effective Virtual Meetings

We’re now all adjusting to a new way of working. Join us to learn about methods for running effective virtual meetings. This one-hour session will include: how to prepare for a virtual meeting, how to conduct the meeting, and recommendations for both leaders and participants during and after the meeting.

Learning Objectives:
1. How to prepare for a virtual meeting, especially with those who are not as accustomed to running or participating in them
2. How to lead a virtual meeting with effective ground rules, ideal behaviors, tips to ensure that the meeting purpose is fulfilled, and that everyone feels included
3. How to participate effectively in a virtual meeting to ensure that your voice is heard, you’re able to respect others in the meeting, and you’re able to understand and contribute to the purpose
4. Understand the minimum technical requirements to run an effective virtual meeting

Meredith Hargreaves, Haley Aldrich
Alex Gururajan, Haley Alrich

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