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APPA Webinar – The Efficiency Opportunities of a Comprehensive Water Management Program – Part IV – Chiller Efficiency

This session will give an overview of The Efficiency Opportunities of a Comprehensive Water Management Program and then it will take a deeper look at the various problems that arise in chiller operations that impact chiller efficiency.  Chiller plants can be providing chilled water, but they may not be operating efficiently. A small decrease in efficiency can result in large dollar increases in your electric bill.  Some fixes are simple and inexpensive while others are complex and expensive.  How do you decide when to make repairs or changes?  This session will review the common and not so common causes of chiller efficiency issues.  It will also show you how to quantify in hard dollars what your losses are so that you can calculate the ROI of a particular fix or repair.  The cost of operating chillers is a significant portion of any facilities utility budget.  Closely monitoring chiller efficiency and addressing issues as soon as they arise can save significant utility dollars.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Describe how chiller efficiency is an important and significant part of a Comprehensive Water Management Program.

2.  Identify the challenges that arise in maintaining chiller efficiency and the short and long-term financial impact of not addressing them in a timely manner.

3. Demonstrate how to easily monitor, trend, and identify challenges through the use of readily available data that you are probably already capturing.

4.  Discuss manual and automated methods for analyzing the data, calculating ROI’s, and easily managing your chiller efficiency using a minimal amount of time and resources. 

Michael P. Doyle, P.E., LEED AP, Phigenics, LLC
Larry Seigel, Phigenics, LLC

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