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Webinar: The Interdisciplinary Turn: A New Model for Climate Crisis Awareness and Action in Higher Education

This six-week online course takes participants through the detailed, pre-production timelines and content, partners, and focus needed to design a successful, effective climate crisis awareness and action week using the tUrn model. Supporting your institution in making a u-turn: and facing the climate crisis, begins with an invitation, and ends with university-wide cooperation. tUrn, named after the change of direction we so desperately need if we are going to solve the climate crisis justly, is a new model for climate crisis awareness and action in higher education and beyond. Come learn how an invitational, intercultural, interdisciplinary and intergenerational project is scaling up relationships, climate justice and eco-conversions locally and internationally, driven by the notion that no one should graduate from college in this decade, without being ready for the climate crisis or without being fully aware of what they can do to create a much-needed u-tUrn.

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