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Webinar: UBC’s Sustainability Open Data: Research, Learning & Operations

The Sustainability Hub – a central unit at UBC focused on collaboration – have created a new open data platform to share sustainability performance metrics, increase transparency, support teaching, learning, operations on campus, and encourage new research partnerships.

This project was developed in partnership with UBC’s Urban Data Lab, Campus + Community Planning department, Energy & Water Services unit, and the UBC Okanagan Sustainability Office.

The Sustainability Dashboards platform summarizes the progress made so far to meet ambitious goals for GHG emissions, transportation, curriculum, housing, childcare, and more. Innovative and interactive visualizations take users beyond the headlines, providing in-depth insights about UBC’s sustainability actions so far, and the unique opportunities and challenges we face in the years ahead. Public users can explore these dashboards and visualizations to understand sustainability trends, and are encouraged to download the latest datasets from our Open Data Portal under a creative commons license for further exploration and analysis. Publishing sustainability performance dashboards increases transparency, helps hold UBC accountable for its Climate Emergency and Climate Action Plan 2030 commitments, amplifies the achievements of faculty, staff, and students, and supports collaborations with broader and more diverse set of on and off campus partners.

As we continue to compile relevant data related to UBC’s sustainability goals, the dashboards will expand to provide a comprehensive picture of sustainability performance across teaching, learning, research, operations, and community engagement, both within and beyond our campuses.

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