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APPA Webinar: Why volatility can put colleges and universities on the path to net zero

The higher education sector is experiencing an unprecedented time of volatility and disruption. Enrollment is fluctuating. Budgets are tight. Energy costs are skyrocketing. Deferred maintenance backlogs are growing. COVID-19 has increased scrutiny of indoor learning environments. Student health and well-being are top of mind. Demonstrating value for the money and embedding sustainability have become critical for student acquisition and retention. But this disruptive landscape creates opportunity and is driving higher education institutions to make decisions and modernize their energy infrastructure, boosting their resilience to volatility and, even better, accelerating and meeting their net zero targets.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discover how the current landscape creates opportunity to accelerate your net zero pathway.
2. Become empowered to get your energy infrastructure upgrades approved and completed, by understanding and overcoming common roadblocks.
3. Learn how the P3 model minimizes risk and enables you to reach your infrastructure, budget and net zero targets faster.  
4. Understand the cost of waiting – how aging infrastructure puts you at risk and diverts budget from students.

Presenters: Jen Darrah and Corina Avila, Centrica Business Solutions

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