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Workshop: A Deep Dive into STARS Data Quality

This workshop offers strategies, tools and activities to develop and hone literacy around STARS criteria, with the ultimate goal of helping institutions efficiently submit and publish high-quality and accurate STARS reports.

We’ll begin this journey by ‘wading in’ to the topic of data quality with an overview that covers basic principles of STARS data quality, the reviewUnderwater sea cave with diver and STARS logo and revision process, pertinent resources and important deadlines for data sharing and recognition. A ‘deep dive’ into data quality will include a review of common issues to watch out for across all credits, along with a closer look at commonly misinterpreted credits and other credits identified by attendees. A segment on report review will offer guidance around the reporting assurance process and credits, to encourage strong ‘buddy lines’ between reviewers and those working to address reviewer feedback.

This workshop is ideal for STARS liaisons, data collectors, and prospective report reviewers who plan to engage in STARS data collection and/or review a report in the upcoming year. Upon signing up for this workshop, you will be asked a few short questions to help us build and present content that is most valuable to you.

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