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Workshop: Assessing Impact: Are Your Sustainability Communications Working?

Communications are crucial for engaging campus communities in sustainability and for inspiring transformative action and meaningful change. However, higher education practitioners often question the value of their communications and may be unsure of how to assess their effectiveness. This workshop will provide attendees with the tools and resources to create an intentional communications strategy, set measurable goals, and evaluate key metrics in order to understand the true impact of their communications.

After reviewing best practices, attendees will be guided through the creation of their own communications strategy. The workshop will also provide an overview of setting communications goals and objectives in order to effectively evaluate and assess impact. Because every office’s communications portfolio looks different, the workshop will aim to provide overarching best practices that attendees can use to customize their approach.

The workshop will explore:

what different social media metrics mean,
which are the most important to utilize and
how to track, measure and understand the analytics.
While the workshop will focus primarily on social media, strategies for other communications analytics including websites, newsletters, and videos will also be included. The workshop is intermediate level, but will offer material for both beginner and advanced participants as well.

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