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Workshop: Integrating Sustainability Literacy Across Your Curricula-Best Practices

This workshop is focused on equipping faculty across the curricula with best practices for embedding sustainability into their respective courses in a way that is engaging, transformative, and that supports existing course learning objectives. The workshop is based upon lessons learned at The College of Charleston (CofC) in Charleston, SC, where for four years faculty have engaged in a SACSCOC quality enhancement plan reaccreditation project, “Sustainability Literacy as a Bridge to Addressing 21st Century Problems.” This internally funded project is centered upon working with faculty to embed sustainability literacy into existing courses by providing ongoing trainings, workshops, and a year-long faculty cohort who work together on sharing best practices for teaching sustainability in a fall course, and then again in a spring course.

This workshop will present an overview of the project, it’s learning goals and outcomes, and an overview of assessment data (both qualitative and quantitative) from the project. Presenters will then work with those in the audience to:

locate existing student learning objectives and help transition them to be sustainability focused
dialogue about ways to present sustainability in an interdisciplinary way that also connects to a home discipline via effective sustainability teaching methods
brainstorm capacity building opportunities to build faculty coalitions around embedding sustainability throughout the curricula.
Please note, this is not a nuts-and-bolts workshop on how to actually flip a course, but more of an overview for scholars new to sustainability and the teaching of it. If you are looking for more in-depth training please see Building a Curriculum Development Program for Your Institution: The Piedmont/Ponderosa Model.

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