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Inspiring Trust – Strong Teams In Our New Normal

June 3, 2020

During this current age of uncertainty we are experiencing an impact, not only on our daily operations on campus, but one that is leaving an indelible mark within the structures of our teams and community. It is the strength of our core belief and trust in one another that will not only sustain us now, but also launch us into our new normal. 

On Wednesday, June 10, 2020, (1:00 PM ET) Stephen M.R. Covey, acclaimed author and speaker, will join us for a professional development session entitled Inspiring Trust: Strong Teams in Our New Normal. Stephen will motivate and inspire us to ‘renew’ trust within our facilities team, our leadership, and ultimately within our institutional culture. Learn the why, the how, and truly get started on the journey! 

This event will be offered as a complimentary session for all current APPA members.  Can you imagine such a session?  We can, because this is the type of programming we know our members need at this moment in time within our community. 

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