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BOK Contacts

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Content Coordinators

Part 1: General Administration and Management

Victor Pesiri
Brentwood School 
[email protected]

Part 2: Operations and Maintenance

Chris Kopach, CEFP
University of Arizona
[email protected]

Part 3: Energy, Utilities, and Environmental Stewardship

Simone Skopek
Formerly with JLL
[email protected]

Part 4: Planning, Design, and Construction

Steve Maruszewski, CEFP
[email protected]

Deans, Institute for Facilities Management

General Administration and Management

Mary Vosevich, University of Kentucky
[email protected]

Operations and Maintenance

Chris Smeds, University of Virginia
[email protected]

Energy, Utilities, and Environmental Stewardship

Lynne Finn, University of Iowa
[email protected]

Planning, Design, and Construction

Don Guckert, APPA Fellow, University of Iowa
[email protected]

APPA Staff:

Steve Glazner, Director of Knowledge Management
[email protected] 
Anita Dosik, Associate Director of Publications
[email protected]