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BOK Contacts

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Content Coordinators

Part 1: General Administration and Management

Victor Pesiri
Brentwood School

Part 2: Operations and Maintenance

Chris Kopach, CEFP
University of Arizona

Part 3: Energy, Utilities, and Environmental Stewardship

Simone Skopek
Formerly with JLL

Part 4: Planning, Design, and Construction

Steve Maruszewski, CEFP

Deans, Institute for Facilities Management

General Administration and Management

Mary Vosevich, University of Kentucky

Operations and Maintenance

Chris Smeds, University of Virginia

Energy, Utilities, and Environmental Stewardship

Lynne Finn, University of Iowa

Planning, Design, and Construction

Don Guckert, APPA Fellow, University of Iowa

APPA Staff:

Steve Glazner, Director of Knowledge Management 
Anita Dosik, Associate Director of Publications