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APPA’s Purpose

With one eye on providing excellence in today’s educational environment, and one always trained on adapting, enhancing, and transforming the facilities of the future, APPA seeks to create positive impact in educational facilities on three important levels:

  • APPA transforms individual facilities professionals into higher performing managers and leaders, which…
  • Helps transform member institutions into more inviting and supportive learning environments, which…
  • Elevates the recognition and value of educational facilities and their direct impact on the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff.

The APPA Value Proposition

APPA Cultivates Community and Contribution that Drive Results

Uniquely positioned to change lives by bringing skills, knowledge, and confidence to each team member, which enhances their credibility and overall quality of life.

We build COMMUNITY by bringing members together through…

Inside APPA enewsletter & newsfeed –
Personalized content combined with APPA updates, industry news, and useful and relevant advertising.

Membership Directory –
Networking and connection at your fingertips for over 17,000 educational professionals at more than 1,200 member organizations.

APPAnetwork Email Listserv –
Providing a forum for relevant discussions and best practices among educational facilities professionals around focused topics, general questions for assistance, and sharing of experience and information.

Thought Leaders Series –
An annual dedicated discussion on the future of higher education and its impact on educational facilities.

Facilities Manager magazine
Practical and big-picture perspectives on issues and challenges shared across the profession with a focus on educational facilities. 

Spring Annual Conference –
Broad access to an in-person conference with content that is timely, relevant, and presented by experienced speakers sharing best practices and real-life experiences.

Regional/Chapter Events –
Professional development and networking opportunities specific to region, state, or locale.

APPA365 app –
Keeps you connected with your APPA colleagues and provides 24-hour, easy access to APPA content.

We build CONTRIBUTION by developing personal and professional self-confidence through skills and knowledge that enables team members and individuals at all levels of the organization to choose to engage at a higher level of initiative that will definitely drive results through…

BOK (Body of Knowledge) –
24-hour access to evergreen facilities management information and best practices on critical issues across the educational enterprise.  

FPI (Facilities Performance Indicators survey & report) –
Performance measurement tool blending qualitative and quantitative metrics and analytics that drive continual improvement.

FMEP (Facilities Management Evaluation Program) –
An assessment by institutional peers providing recommendations for a roadmap to excellence at your institution.        

APPA Advisors
Provides assessment, advising, analytic, developmental, and strategic services that are tailored, customized, and scaled to address organizational and institutional challenges.

Publications –
Books and monographs pertinent to facilities managers, including operational guidelines with 5 levels of service.

Supervisor’s Toolkit (Virtual & In-Person) –
Designed specifically for front-line educational facilities professionals to enhance their supervisory skills and effectiveness.

APPA U – Institute for Facilities Management –
Premier programming teaching technical components of daily operations on campus for immediate implementation.

APPA U – Leadership Academy (In-Person & Virtual) –
Four Levels of Leadership: Personal, Interpersonal, Managerial, and Organizational. Cultivates the leader within to grow more effectively, further impacting change across your organization.

Academy on Campus (In-Person & Virtual) –
Four Levels of Leadership: Personal, Interpersonal, Managerial, and Organizational. Influences all aspects of the team to enhance the relationships that build success from the ground up. 

Credentialing Program –
Confirms mastery of principles and practices within educational facilities management.

Webinars –
Current and relevant content delivered by experts in the industry that can be consumed from anywhere.

Town Hall Meetings/Webcasts –
Open discussion about the most pressing topics presented by industry experts.

Awards –
Individual and institutional recognition for significant accomplishments to the educational facilities profession.

Granting of CEUs, Learning Units, AIA Credits –

Validation of knowledge as accredited by other standards-setting bodies (e.g., AIA)

Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) –     
Helps promote APPA’s brand, boost visibility, share relevant content, increase website traffic, reach potential members, and allow real-time engagement.

APPA is uniquely positioned to provide a strategic voice for educational facilities management.   We ARE the “connective tissue” that facilitates our community’s dialogue. 

Learn More About APPA Here.