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APPA Town Hall – Changing Fall 2021 Reopening Strategies

June 4, 2021

As we navigate the evolving COVID-19 situation and the reopening of buildings and campus, APPA is preparing an hour and a half discussion that will highlight best practices for ensuring students, faculty and staff health and safety. The exponential change we’ve experienced from this pandemic and the corresponding shift in mindset remains critical for us to understand and further embrace as we prepare for the Fall 2021 campus reopening.

The panel will discuss approaches to managing both the broader institutional response along with their facilities specific response; share their perspective on best practices being employed and/or changed; and, identify challenges both short and long term.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will learn what guidelines are being implemented by the CDC, federal, state, and local health departments and what is being done when students disregard these guidelines and their impact on the health, safety, and welfare of the entire community.
2. Participants will discuss what best practices have been developed or they plan to employ with reopening campuses at full capacity.
3. Participants will learn what facilities are doing to ensure the health and safety of employees, students, and visitors on their campuses and healthcare facilities after re-opening this fall 2021.
4. Participants will hear how campuses and facilities have dealt with isolated COVID-19 cases.

E. Lander Medlin
APPA Executive Vice President

Register for the Town Hall here.

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