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APPA T3 – Leveraging Operational Technologies for Occupant Centric Performance – Boston June 20-22

Boston, Massachusetts
June 20-22, 2022
OMNI Parker House

Join us in Boston for APPA’s in-person professional development program that gathers experts across the industry for targeted technologies content sessions and experience exchanges in the inaugural delivery of our new Targeted Titles & Topics series.  The program’s content will focus on:

  • Exploring the challenges technology can solve and how to get started with SMART building technologies;
  • Engaging your peers in how they are developing technology strategies to drive better business decisions;
  • Assessing your infrastructure data/information patterns through predictive trending analytics for improved decision-making;
  • Addressing ways to maximize and optimize your labor force through the use of data;
  • Learning about APPA’s Productive, Smart Buildings self-assessment tool/framework to measure the built environment’s impact on occupant productivity and effectiveness;
  • And much more!

View the full program here.

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