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Virtual Academy on Campus – Level III: Managerial Effectiveness Skills

APPA’s Leadership Academy is a unique experience that will expand your ability to be an effective leader. The Academy promotes the concepts and skills needed to be a life-long learner, not just in leadership but in your whole life. This has the potential to be a “game changer” in your life.

Because the current pandemic has restricted our ability to offer the Academy in person, we are pleased to offer a rigorous virtual Academy experience, one adapted to allow an individual or teams from an institution to learn the skills and interact with other participants.

Level III: Managerial Effectiveness Skills. In this level, participants develop and strengthen leadership skills while learning basic principles for organizational and managerial effectiveness. Attendees experience a dynamic learning environment utilizing engaging discussion groups, learning games, discovery exercises, synergy, and project collaboration. The content of this program complements and builds upon the individual skills learned in Level 1 and the interpersonal skills developed in Level 2.

Skills Learned:
  • Leaders learn how to apply leadership skills that are essential in today’s workplace.
  • Leaders master strategies for handling and ultimately solving difficult conversations and situations.
  • Leaders learn how to model strong leadership skills through knowing their own strengths and complementing the strengths of others.

Learn more about all four levels of APPA’s Leadership Academy.

If you need registration assistance, contact Corey Newman.

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