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Virtual Academy on Campus – Level 4: Organizational Effectiveness Skills

Cosponsored with SRAPPA, APPA’s Southeastern Region.

APPA’s Leadership Academy is a unique experience that will expand your ability to be an effective leader. The Academy promotes the concepts and skills needed to be a life-long learner, not just in leadership but in your whole life. This has the potential to be a “game changer” in your life.

Because the current pandemic has restricted our ability to offer the Academy in person, we are pleased to offer a rigorous virtual Academy experience, one adapted to allow an individual or teams from an institution to learn the skills and interact with other participants.

Level 4: Organizational Effectiveness Skills. One of the main objectives of the Leadership Academy is to build leadership skills into the whole organization. As we prepare and demonstrate leadership from all employees, our influence and trust will increase within our institutions. The skills we have to change and develop organizations will require us to be at the institutional decision-making table helping to guide and manage the assets of the institution. Level 4 prepares you with the organizational skills needed to sit at the table in order to provide excellent learning environments.

Skills Learned:
  • Leaders learn how to expand their set of leadership skills to include a stakeholder strategy, and organizational process aligned systems.
  • Leaders learn how to determine, reinforce, and build an effective team that is results-driven and stakeholder oriented.
  • Leaders learn how to align systems, structures, and processes for greater, long-term effectiveness.

Learn more about all four levels of APPA’s Leadership Academy.

If you need registration assistance, contact Corey Newman.

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