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Member Engagement Team

Purpose: The group will explore, analyze, and advise on differentiating initiatives that enhance APPA’s value proposition in the eyes of its members in an effort to gain and retain members within the education facilities community.

Charges: Utilizing volunteer ambassadors, APPA, and the region’s resources, the group will implement strategies designed to promote greater understanding of APPA’s community, brand, and value proposition. Ensure APPA products and services are increasingly differentiating and valued by its members. Continuously work to recruit and re-engage new and current members.

Commitment and Expectations:

  • Virtual meeting once a month; In-person 1-2 times a year
  • Responsiveness to region/ committee and commitment to working on renewals and generate new members
  • Incumbent will share previous reports, data, access to prior membership information with their respective region and ultimately their replacement (when that time occurs)
  • Minimum reporting items from each regional representative to be posted to the online community group. Standard reporting items to be determined
  • Community Engagement – Promote community participation among their regions, regional boards, etc., brainstorm ways for members to participate and offer feedback on initiatives
  • ‘Membership Matters’ column/article in Facilities Manager magazine.
  • Coordination of efforts within their region (and chapters) to ensure the members are personally contacted during the membership renewal period, and follow up with all members with outstanding membership balances
  • Each committee member should also stay in close communication with their regional board, regional director and regional president and relevant chapters


ERAPPA: Glen Mathieu, University of Connecticut
MAPPA: Dawn Aguilera, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
PCAPPA: Kimberly Case-Nichols, University of Nevada Las Vegas
SRAPPA: Mallica Reynolds, Nova Southeastern University
RMA: John Herrera, Arizona State University

At-Large (CCEG): David H. Van Hook, Georgia Highlands College

At-Large: John Burke, TMA System

At-Large: Todd Cross, Oregon State University

At-Large: Stephen Burk, HGA

Staff Liaison: 
Kristin Witters, APPA Director of Member & Community Engagement