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Associated Duties and Responsibilities – Information and Communications Committee

  • Formerly known as the Information & Research Committee, the name has been officially changed to the Information & Communications Committee.
  • Assist in focusing digital deliveries and communiques by providing subject matter expertise for:
    • Further identifying targeted content and recipients for the Inside APPA newsletter/newsfeed and other future targeted communications;
    • Reshaping Facilities Manager magazine into a digital delivery with articles deployed in shorter cycles;
    • Making BOK author connections using newer available tools for peer-to-peer collaboration;
    • Enabling increased access to the BOK and use associated data analytics for more targeted content development;
    • Reshaping the FPI as a broader-based institutional continuous improvement tool with solid data analytics, best practices, and increased peer-to-peer learning.
  • Serve as primary point-of-contact for the ASCC (APPA Standards & Codes Council).
  • Center for Facilities Research (CFaR) will be assigned as a staff function.
  • Thought Leaders (TLS) will be assigned as a staff function.