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Recertification: FAQs

How do I keep my CEFP credential active?

Once you earn the CEFP credential, your certification period will last four years.  During these four years, you must earn a minimum of 120 points and pay a renewal fee to maintain an active status.  You may also elect to renew your CEFP credential early if you have met all the requisite recertification requirements.

What is a point?

A point is a way to measure professional development activities such as experience, leadership, or research/publications as well as continuing education units for education activities.  A point equates to a single contact hour and this is an element organizations use to count education and experience received through qualified instructional providers and competent supervision.

How do I earn points?

Points can be earned in four categories; Experience, Education, Leadership and Research.  A member must earn a minimum of 40 hours in the education category and a total of 120 points overall.  Supporting documentation must be kept to prove attendance or time spent in the category earned.  Individuals must submit supporting documentation upon request if selected for a random audit or if additional information is needed to approve hours submitted.

Should I renew ‘early’ if I reach 120 points before my expiration date?

If you reach the necessary 120 points before your expiration date, it would benefit you to renew early rather than wait on your expiration date because additional points are not carried over.  Once you renew, you will start a new 4 year cycle and can start tracking your points in your account.  You will receive a certificate with your new cycle dates once you renew.

What is my responsibility concerning the required documentation?

Individuals must maintain a personal file of activities and achievements provided in the four categories and submit this information online in your unique transcript area on the credentialing website.  Each individual is responsible to maintain his/her own records of continuing education activities that are counted toward renewal credits.  Each person must be prepared to submit those records to the Board upon request if required to do so.

What happens to my status if I do not renew timely?

If the 120 points are not attained on or prior to your anniversary renewal date, your CEFP credential will expire immediately and you will be moved to an INACTIVE status. APPA will remove your name from the recognition area on our website and you will not be allowed to use the CEFP designation behind your name and/or title. It will also be necessary to successfully take and pass the CEFP exam in order to attain the CEFP designation again.  To register for the course contact Matt Eckel.

What are the requirements for those who retire?

Retired CEFP holders are not required to earn points; however, each must submit a request for recertification renewal prior to the end of his or her four year cycle.  APPA must receive a letter or email requesting recertification for a new four year term and verification on company letterhead with individual’s name and date of retirement.