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Why do I need to qualify for the CEFP course?

The CEFP curriculum was developed for facilities professionals with a certain level of experience at educational institutions. The study course covers a wide range of topics educational facilities managers will face over the course of their career, taking into account planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance, utility and energy systems, sustainability, and management and administration. Also, the CEFP exam contains several case studies that require one to rely on their years of work experience in order to successfully answer the exam questions associated with each case study. Younger professionals or those new to the industry may not have the breadth of experience in every area necessary to successfully complete the study course or sit for the CEFP exam.

Can I review the BOK version that I have in the myAPPA account page area on the APPA website?

We strongly recommend that you use the credentialing version of the BOK located with your course materials in the APPA Learning Center portal. The credentialing BOK is static and represents the version of the BOK that was used to develop the study course. The BOK version in your MyAPPA account area is dynamic and gets updated with some level of frequency. You may still access and review the BOK in your MyAPPA account area to get a sense of the content, but if you are serious about sitting for the CEFP or EFP exam at the end of the study course, you will want to only study the credentialing BOK.

Is the study course only offered online?

Yes, we only offer the study course online. The APPA Learning Center portal will have all of your study resources available in one place: study manual, flash cards, review course, sample exams, and more. It also will be your access point to a facilitated Customized Interactive Learning (CIL) group of other candidates progressing through the study course at the same time.

How long do I have access to the prep course and how soon do I need to test after I attain access to the prep course?

Access to the online course for 90 days begins once the course is purchased. Your exam must be scheduled within 30 days after your 90-day prep course access expires.

Something happened and I can’t complete the course.  What do I need to do?

Once you register for the CEFP Course and Exam, you must complete the course and take the exam before the deadline or you must register and take the course again. 

Contact Kelly Ostergrant at [email protected] or 615-294-5780 immediately if you can not complete the online course before the deadline and she will work with you to get rescheduled.  You are allowed to move to the next available Cohort Group ONCE during your journey without a penalty.  

I went through the course, tested and failed 6 months ago but I want to use my FREE Second Change now.  Can I do that?

Unfortunately, no.  In order to take advantage of the FREE Second Change option you have to return to the course within 30 days of your exam fail date.  You can register at the current rate according to your member price for the course.

I changed Cohort Groups once but I am nervous about testing and want to change again.  How many times can I change my group?

You are allowed to change your Cohort Group ONCE.  This is why you have the FREE Second Chance option.  We want to give you every opportunity to learn as much as you can before testing, and if you fail, you can come back and go through the entire course again and test free of charge using the FREE Second Chance.  Sometimes you don’t take the course seriously the first time or life happens and you can’t get the time to study during the first course.  We understand that, so we allow you to change your group ONCE to another active group.  But you have to test at the conclusion of that group.