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Associated Duties and Responsibilities – Professional Affairs Committee

  • PAC’s regional representation continued through September 2019 including attendance at the January 2019 Integrated Strategic Planning meetings (i.e., designated APPA Committees, Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors).
  • During this transition year (or no later than September 2019), PAC will phase out automatic regional representation and replace with committee members chosen based on specific background and expertise, experience, and relationship with the targeted strategies and collaborative partners (outlined in the strategy statement for the committee).  In parallel, a process will be developed outlining the selection process that will allow all regions equal participation in submitting individuals to sit on PAC.  The VP for PAC will make recommendations to the Executive Committee for individuals serving as committee members.  Once the transition is completed by September of 2019, the maximum number of members will be reduced to six.
  • For the transition period leading to September 2019, in addition to the six regional representatives, the VP for PAC will add two additional advocates/members based on expertise and experience that is in alignment with the repositioned focus and direction of the committee.  This will set the maximum number of members at eight and provide the committee an opportunity to demonstrate sufficient progress utilizing members that have experience with targeted associations/ organizations.  These two additional “at large” members will remain in place until September 2019.
  • All committee member appointments are for a term of one year and, with the approval of the Executive Committee, eligible for reappointment for up to a maximum of a six-year term.
  • The Awards & Recognition Committee along with the existing individual awards and two institutional awards (Sustainability Innovation and Effective & Innovative Practices) now fall under the Member & Community Engagement Committee. A&R will begin to meet exclusively online to carry out its work.
  • The Award for Excellence (AFE) award submittals will be moved as of November 30, 2018 to a small, dedicated (experienced) FMEP evaluator team for review, site visit(s), and recommendation to the APPA Board of Directors.
  • FMEPs will be assigned as a staff function.
  • The APPA Standards & Codes Council (ASCC) and PAC will work together with the Information and Communications Committee on regulatory and other code-related issues.