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CIL Facilitators

The Customized Interactive Learning (CIL) Facilitators are CEFP certified and are available on all live webinars and through out the course to answer content related questions.

When a new facilitator starts, they begin their probationary period as an Assistant CIL Facilitator assisting the Lead CIL Facilitators on the live webinars until they have mastered the skills needed to preform the calls on their own. Once this occurs, they become Lead CIL Facilitators and can host the live webinars on their own. Only Lead CIL Facilitators are eligible to earn APPA units toward CEFP Recertification for leading live webinars. Lead CIL Facilitators earn 1 APPA unit for each live webinar they lead.

If you would like to become a CIL Facilitator, contact Kelly Ostergrant at [email protected].

Lead CIL Facilitators

  • Latane Brackett, III, MBA CEFP
  • Dennis Drymala, CEFP, University of Maryland Baltimore
  • Jim Jackson, CEFP, University of Nebraska
  • Steve McKenzie, CEFP, College of the Redwoods
  • Steven Peary, CEFP, University of Vermont
  • Jason Sawyer, CEFP, The Smithsonian Institution
  • Michael Taylor, CEFP, The College of Wooster

Assistant CIL Facilitators

  • Steven Gasser, CD, CEFP, LEED GA, P Eng. University of Calgary
  • James Campoli, CEFP, Rutgers University

Retired CIL Facilitors

  • Craig Borkman, MPA, MCP, CFM, PMP, CEFP, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
  • Lowell Bromander, CEFP, Hamline University
  • Jacob Cain, CEFP, CEM, CBCP, LEED GA, Weber State University
  • John R. Ferris, MBA, CEM, CEFP, LEED AP, San Diego State University (retired)
  • Viron Lynch, MBA, CEFP, Ringling School of Art & Design
  • Andy Maddox, PE, CEFP, LEED AP, University of Alabama
  • Ruthann Manlet, EFP, CEFP, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • Richard Robben, CEFP, University of Michigan