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Student Internships Program – For Host Institutions

Students walking on campus
Used with permission from the University of Arkansas.

It’s free to join APPA Student Internship Program.

Why Host an Intern?
  • Bring new ideas, talents, and skills to your organization
  • Learn new perspectives to create change/discussion
  • Have an opportunity to evaluate and screen students prior to making a full-time position offer, which can save the organizations’ time and cost
  • Enhance academics, colleges and community relationships
  • Assist students with job opportunities after graduation
  • Assistance with projects and tasks – extend the work load
Qualifications for Prospective Host Institution/Organization

The host institution/organization must be an APPA member.

How to Join APPA Internship Program?

STEP 1: Download and review the APPA Student Internship Guidelines to help you get started

STEP 2: Download and review Host Institution/Organization Checklist to help you successfully complete the program

STEP 3: Check out APPA resources under the Resources tab

STEP 4: Post Internship opportunities at Job Express Internships

**Make sure to complete APPA requirements indicated in the Host Institution/Organization Checklist. (e.g., inform APPA the chosen candidate for APPA Student Internship Program before starting the internship program, submit APPA Student Internship Summary Report to APPA at the end of the program, etc.)