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Unsung Heroes Award

In 2009, APPA’s President Mr. Bill Elvey, created a new set of awards called the “Unsung Heroes” award. Annually, regional presidents are asked to suggest a worthy individual(s) who work tirelessly for their region, chapter, and/or the profession, but whom have gone unnoticed to date and are worthy of receiving an award from the president of International APPA. These individuals are recognized as “unsung heroes” during the Awards Ceremony at the APPA annual conference and further recognized at their regional or state conference the following fall.

Past Recipients


Cathy Blanchard (SRAPPA)

Brandon Dugan (MAPPA)

Layna Johnson (RMA)

Patty Smith (ERAPPA)

Kevin Gallinger (ERAPPA)

Scott Turley (CAPPA)


ERAPPA – Dianne Gravatt

CAPPA – Sue-Anna Miller

MAPPA – Jim Hubbard

PCAPPA – Dan Park

RMA – Cloriza Lomeli


CAPPA – Mike Miller

ERAPPA – Peter Buchhiet

ERAPPA – Bob Britton

MAPPA – Phyllis Gillis

PCAPPA – Tony Ichsan

RMA – Lisa Potter

SRAPPA – Anthony Yamada


CAPPA – Thomas Lee

ERAPPA – Neal Lespasio

MAPPA – David Miller

PCAPPA – Brian Worley

RMA – Erik Van de Boogaard

SRAPPA – Jay Klingel


ERAPPA – Bob Britton & Jerry Hill

MAPPA- Christine Douglas

CAPPA – Doug Riat

SRAPPA – Tony Yamada

RMA – Shawna Rowley & Joe Metzger

PCAPPA – none


David Gray

Shari Philpott

Phil Rouble

Terry Pellerin

Kris Ackerbauer